Our Services

Twin Shores Capital aims to bridge traditional wealth management services with specific expertise in the digital asset market. We work equally with new investors who don’t understand the space but realize they need exposure to it—as well as with experienced digital asset investors looking for a partner that’s well versed in the digital asset space.

Here are the most common financial services we provide in the digital asset space:

Brokerage Accounts

We offer digital asset and cryptocurrency managed accounts for investors looking to enter the marketplace.

Our models are a blend of strategic and tactical management strategies which offer the opportunity to potentially outperform a traditional buy and hold strategy. As this space is an emerging market, we do believe there are opportunities to generate alpha for our client’s portfolios.

Our managed accounts also offer people the opportunity to see and log in to their accounts on a daily basis, plus work with an exchange who has gone through a proper due diligence process. Additionally, our managed accounts offer the opportunity to add staking and stable coins to an investor’s account which mimics a traditional asset allocation portfolio.

Retirement/Trust Accounts

We offer and manage the following retirement accounts for investors who want to allocate some of their traditional retirement savings to the digital asset space and have a proper balance of cryptocurrency exposure to traditional investment exposure.

We offer and manage the following account types:

  • IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)
  • Roth IRAs
  • SEP IRAs
  • Simple IRAs (limited)
  • Solo 401(k)s
  • 401(k)s (Dependent on plan set up and administration)
  • Trust Accounts
Twin Shores Cryptocurrency Strategy

We offer a pooled strategy for experienced and sophisticated investors who are looking to maximize their digital asset exposure and take their investments/exposures to another level.

This strategy implements a tactical buy/sell/leveraged approach (within reason), and also integrates strategies through yield farming, staking, NFTs and more. This is an exclusive opportunity limited to investors based who meet our financial profile, net worth, experience requirements and more.


We work with other financial professionals, advisors, RIAs and asset managers who do not have the opportunity or the bandwidth to offer digital assets to their clients.

We develop 1-on-1 partnerships to help fellow financial professionals offer digital assets in a way which aligns with their client’s wants and deliver them in conjunction with their firm’s offerings.

If you’re a financial services professional interested in offering your clients digital asset products—but you don’t have the infrastructure to do so on your own—we’d love to partner with you!

Crypto Tax Consulting

Details on this service are coming soon.

Getting Started

If you’re curious about digital assets—and know you need support navigating this new space responsibly—schedule a consultation with our team to learn about the different ways we help clients invest in this exciting new asset class. 

During this meeting we’ll learn more about your unique goals and assess which investment products will best suit your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for alpha or a new investor looking for help in this new space—we’ll make sure you’re directed towards the investment vehicles that make sense for your unique needs.