Our Services

Twin Shores Capital is a privately held, private fund whose owners are investors in their strategy. We use our personal investments and monies to take advantage of opportunities we see outside of the traditional finance space, plus protect our personal investments from long term from the perils and manipulations of traditional finance. People engage with us as consultants where we share our expertise with those who are looking for new ways to invest so they can develop their own strategies to use and improve on their financial situations.

Today we are looking at the opportunities of today, developing into the realities of tomorrow. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Asset, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate and Commodities are our highest focus as we are seeing tremendous opportunities developing in these spaces.

Some of the topics people hire us to consult on:

  • Accessing digital assets in a more protected manner
  • How to purchase digital assets and cryptocurrencies
  • Finding opportunities in these areas through the use of Retirement/Trust Accounts
  • Using these assets for special situations or advance planning
  • Creating, implementing and managing a Private Fund
  • Tax strategies and considerations for digital assets (we are not CPAs do we give tax advice)
  • New age planning and opportunities in developing markets such as Portugal, India and others

Getting Started

For more information on who we are, or to see if there is a way we can help you, your business or discuss ways to collaborate, please reach out to us or schedule a consultation here.