About Us

Twin Shores Capital is a digital asset firm bridging traditional finance with the new world of digital assets. Our purpose and goal is to help people understand the opportunities in the digital asset management world and help them invest comfortably in this new asset class.

We began our journey in this space officially in the Fall of 2019 when we realized there is a growing problem in the traditional financial services space – most advisory firms are bringing outdated solutions to their clientele and not continually innovating. When it comes to the digital asset space there are very few firms who are well versed, and many legacy financial services companies are going to miss out if they’re not directing significant resources to this space.

At Twin Shores Capital we help investors figure out how to integrate the future of money and technology into their portfolios and find solutions which work best for them.

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Our Team

Our team is United States based with relationships in the
digital asset space across the world.

Timothy D. Nihill

Founder & CEO

Peter Krygier


Jyoti Nihill


Alex Krygier


Vency Tewani


Alex Kaminer

Content Strategist


Performance Coach

Our team has a long and diverse background in research, wealth management, investments, operations, compliance, banking, energy and the like. We’ve all come together as we’ve realized the opportunity in the digital asset space.

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